Cardigan (sweater)

From cable knit wool sweaters to classic women's cardigan sweaters, we have you covered. women's sweaters make it easy to create endless looks youll love simply pair a women's cable sweater with jeans and over-the-knee boots, a cowl neck with dress pants or a turtleneck a with wool blazer.

As an item of formal clothing for any gender, it is worn over a button-down dress shirt. Is there supposed to be 6 granny squares in the center. Fold piece in half lengthwise and seam from the inner edge, outwards leaving approximately 3.

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An easy, cute baby cardigan designed in 3 sizes. Top-raglan construction makes this a completely seamless design, perfect for your first sweater project.
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An easy, cute baby cardigan designed in 3 sizes. Top-raglan construction makes this a completely seamless design, perfect for your first sweater project.
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Step 2: Pattern Instructions

An easy, cute baby cardigan designed in 3 sizes. Top-raglan construction makes this a completely seamless design, perfect for your first sweater project.

I have done broomstick lace before and thought it was when you crochet at least two of the loops together. Jessica, Is there a way to convert crochet into knit? I love a lot of your crochet patterns but I no longer enjoy crocheting but would love to make some of your crocheted things. This drop stitch looks similar to the knit blanket sweater kit I ordered..

I really like the way you put cuffs on this one. I hope you can help me with the converting crochet to knit. Hi Keira, Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention. I just corrected the pattern above and sorry for the confusion. No more late night editing! So, in making this I decided to make the ribbed collar black while the rest is ivory. I would do a little sample of each — try it with white and then black.

I hope that it comes out great! And thanks for sharing about the clearance needles at Michaels. To make it shorter you would simply crochet less rows.

The width would stay the same but the length would be shorter. Thank you so much for posting your height and weight. Knowing now the dimensions and seeing how it looks on you tells me what I need to do to make it fit me.

You are a sweetheart. I plan on making this pattern today. Does it work up quickly? For knitting, I think it works up fairly quickly! Im having a little trouble, for row i have to turn at the end of it? Row 9 you said to turn however in your video when you do the drop stitches, you did not turn at all, do i follow your video and not turn turn or follow your written pattern and turn at row9 but not row 10?

Your email address will not be published. Access Token is not valid or has expired. Feed will not update. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins There's an issue with the Instagram Access Token that you are using. Pair any of our sweaters with chino pants for men to create a classic look. Subtle design details like delicate ribbing, knit patterns and prints provide further distinguishing touches to our sweaters for men, which are available in an array of timeless colors.

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Please contact us by FAX at Pinterest Brooks Brothers Share our passion for seasonal color palettes and styles Visit us on Pinterest. Bedding Collections Bath Home Décor. Gifts For Everyone Gift Cards. And hope to completel it successfully. I have a question for you. I have used one skein of the required yarn and my rectangle is only 7. I am making the ML and so I bought 6 skeins. Does that soumd about right to,you?

I am concernd that I will not have enough to complete the project. Thanks so much for this pattern! I really like the look of the sweater and I love how it seems possible to make even though the thought of garment making is scary to me!

I love this sweater pattern soooo much, and I have found a beautiful yarn to make it up with! I would like to onow, however, if this pattern needs to be blocked at any point??

If you use something with natural fiber, you may decide to block it. I love this pattern! Thanks for your help! Yes, I think that would be really nice. Just check your gauge to see if you need to adjust your hook size. Am a bit frustrated. Want to print the pattern to use while traveling but am not able to get a print view that does not have the red boxes about ll the facebook shares etc. On several of the pages it blocks the instructions. Is there a pdf version or other without these boxes.

You can buy it here. In the meantime, what is the exact color of the Heartland yarn you used? Shod i decrease the armhole to 4 Lisa. Will yo give me some details on how your sizing works out for you?

Jess My daughter likes sweaters like this but likes pockets! Is there a way of adding pockets or do you have another easy crochet sweater pattern that has a simple pocket either on the outside or inside? You know, I actually tried pockets on this sweater and once I sewed them on, felt like they kind of messed up the nice drapy-ness of the collar.

So my suggestion would be to make the Dwell Sweater which has some great pockets or add pockets to the Campfire Cardigan. I just started making this and I am confused on gauge too. By the way everyone loved, loved, loved their gifts this year thanks to you! I figured it out. I guess I just crochet my stitches tight.

I cast on and it got me to 41 inches. I must say I love this stitch. Hi Jess, I love thus pattern!! Thus one is perfect!! Cant wait to start. Is this sweater heavy? Could you use a 3 weight? I def think you could make it lighter though by using a category 3 yarn and just working a larger size or just making sure to make a rectangle in the dimensions listed, regardless of how many chains or rows it takes with your thinner yarn.

Will it be that big of a deal? Should I block it and try to stretch it a bit? Or maybe just make longer sleeves? Blocking or making the sleeves a hair longer are both good options. Plus, the sweater will stretch slightly with wear. This is a funny way of giving a FREE pattern. Short of printing out 50 odd pages to get the pattern, its NOT FREE When you right click to print just the pattern, half of it does not show because the adds cover it.

If that pattern is to ones liking, one will not mind the purchase of another pattern from that designer, knowing how it works. The entire patterns are available entirely free on the blog. They always have been and always will be. You can make any of my patterns without paying me a penny. I love this pattern!!

I live for comments like these. It is the best feeling to be proud to wear something you made. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your success with us! I absolutely love your patterns and have made several of them. I am so excited to make this cardigan and got started a couple days ago. But, one big problem… my rectangle ended up only being My gauge swatch is correct so no idea how my rectangle ended up so small!

I am an experienced crocheter so not quite sure where to go from here or how to fix it. Can you offer any advice or help? Man, that is so weird! I hate to hear that because I know how hard you worked on it. My thought is that your best bet to avoid frogging would be to do one of two things: Add more rows until you have the correct height. This will result in a similar bat-sleeve look. Then make your arm rectangles longer to create slightly longer sleeves and make up for the width lost in the rectangle.

For a less bat-sleeve look, you could just work more rows of the tush extension. Your sweater can then become long enough, but the overall cocoon-ness of it will be less. I hope that makes sense and helps. What do you suggest?

Should I start with an extra foot of chain added to get the right width? If so, will the pattern still work the same? I recently adjusted the measurements of the total rectangle to better reflect what you should get with the stitch count for each size. If you are off by an inch or two, the fit of the sweater should still work pretty well. If not, you can always add chains any odd number of chains in total to make it wider. Hi Jess, I have to tell you I am obsessed with this sweater!

This is the first article of clothing I have ever crocheted. I am on number 3 and this one is for me. I made one of them with a blanket weight yarn It worked up very quickly and it is more like a coat. My daughter begged me for it and the girls in her office are all begging for one! I love that it is all simple stitches and an easy to follow pattern and assembly. The sweater is cozy and cute. This pattern has only been out for three weeks! Love, love, love your patterns!!

Bought this one and was very excited to start. I have run into a problem. Even using the larger hook, I do not come up with 47 as the width. I do not understand why this is. Am I reading the chart within the pattern incorrectly? I have a question: I used the 6. So far I have completed 50 rows of the garter stitch and these are the measurements I have….

Just finished my sweater over snow days. It turned out great! No one could believe I made it. I knew it was a winner. Thanks for the great project. Hi I just wanted to know if you made the full video on this sweater. Yup, you can watch it right here! If I made it as long as you did it would be to the floor on me I feel. I have a bunch of chunky 5 yarn.

Somewhat new to crochet, and would love to do this pattern with what I have if possible. Just realized my question is worded so poorly. Just wondering if using the Chunky 5 yarn would make this sweater ginormous or work if I went down a size. My best suggestion would be to try a little gauge swatch and see how much bigger your gauge is with the thicker yarn than the gauge listed in the pattern.

Materials and Size

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