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Here are a few of the better (and not too serious) newspaper and other articles on style and fashion for middle aged and older men. They are in no particular order; just as I find them.

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Although the photo has spread to several other sites, there is no mention of what it is. Hi Gruntfuttock, good to see you again. The original pic is from The Sartorialist and I don't know the jacket type. There are a lot of makes which do this type of tweed shooting jacket, including Barbour. This one looks similar -http: Hi Dave I've had a good look around your blog now, and you seem to have a good grasp on styling middle-aged man ;- I've given you mention on the 50ish forum link in the name.

It's a bit quite in there at the moment, but things will pick up as the project develops. Hope to see you around: Hi Dave Awesome blog. I often struggle to find clothes online which I like. I'm 50ish and only really shop at http: I like skinny jeans and for that is my first choice.

I really like your look - it's informal but still fashionable enough. But I'm sure there will be a lot of activities this season. You could also find home espresso pump machines that have separate chambers.

After three minutes, the heater should be removed along with the coffee around the top carafe will suck back to the lower part as a consequence of vacuum effect. When it really is all finished, smell the inside with the coffee maker - -. In Paris, a house has been ripped apart, quietly gutted, over the past three years. It's the house of Yves Saint Laurent. I like to use a combination of vintage shops, High St. The vintage clothing is always great quality and well made, the high-end is obviously classy and makes it easy to camouflage the lower-end into looking as expensive.

As for the shoes? I always spend as much as I can afford! But i like motor bike jacket. Dave, Although more than six years old your blog post quite poignantly answered a question I recently emailed you about.

I'm quickly learning that Grey Fox is a virtual no pun intended treasure trove of information and I'm completely hooked! The point you make about middle age applies equally to life and--as I am learning from your sartorial wisdom-fashion!

It has been my experience entering into my fifties that a light heart, a gentle smile and a little whiskey I'm an American, after all go a long way towards putting life in perspective.

These are the years meant to be enjoyed and savored like that whiskey. So, thanks to you, Sir, my apprehensions about style will now take a turn to the lighter side as my life did as a quinquagenarian; a light heart, a gentle smile and far less concern about the advertisements and sales clerks recommendations.

Stick to the classics and have a little fun. I agree wholeheartedly that if one doesn't feel right in their clothing, one will not wear the clothing right.

You have yet another dedicated follower on this side of the pond. Bravo to you and your blog! Saturday, 11 February Articles discussing older and middle aged man's style and fashions.

Here are a few of the better and not too serious newspaper and other articles on style and fashion for middle aged and older men. They are in no particular order; just as I find them. If you know of others please let me know.

The important thing about fashion in middle age is that we are getting too old to take fashion seriously. Dress for yourself, feel comfortable, and don't listen to the fashion police. What do I do? I keep an eye on the better blogs for ideas, but try to use them to dress to suit my own personality rather than slavishly following transient fashions. Whatever you do, be careful about trying to relive lost youth by dressing like a teenager.

It may work, if you have an extremely sophisticated sense of style, but you run the risk of looking a little sad. It's also unnecessary; we should be proud of our maturity - there are many classic styles ideal for the older man. Can you wear Topman at 67? An interview in the Guardian with Nicky Haslam and his sense of fashion and style.

Old men dress cool From one of my favourite bloggers, Style Salvage. Must be some mistake, surely? This may seem a bit proscriptive, but is worth a read - most of the rules are sensible. The article mentions Grey Fox as follows, "While there are many blogs for young, definitely under forty, I could find only one aimed at older, middle age men.

Why do men over 50 dress like tramps? For personal reasons I avoid the Daily Mail. The standard of journalism is appallingly, with damaging and hurtful articles published with no proper research or regard for the truth. However, this is an unusually for the Mail sensible analysis and it is recommended reading.

Men stop caring about clothes at 37 Apparently the conclusion of a survey, apparently based on a survey, but I'm a bit suspicious about this one - it may be a dubious publicity stunt. Reported in the Daily Mail here and the Guardian here. Only partly about style, but nicely written in , so a bit dated - talks about Facebook, but not Twitter. I agree with the warning that ' Why do fathers insist on dressing like their teenage sons? Be careful, though; your bones have become more brittle as you get older.

Smart dark denim and brogues have become a staple for me and as per your recommendation, I will be visiting Loake this coming week for my next pair! I think jeans for all ages and both sexes are just fine - I would be lost without mine.

Jeans with white converse - always a classic, relaxed look; jeans with brogues also good, but Mr Depp, handsome as he is, does not look so hot in the overly long jean, shiny shoe combo, but hey, what do I know My personal favourite is the dark blue jeans turned up with the brown brogues.

I like the white denim with navy socks look too. For the record, I am An excellent post, and I generally agree with you, though I remain unconvinced by jeans with a crease ironed in - to me, jeans of whatever colour are still primarily casual wear, and the crease just looks overly fussy.

On which note, brown or black leather boots whether the smartness of the Chelsea or a more relaxed style like a comfortable work boot also work well with jeans on those of us too old to wear trainers convincingly, and are again a touch more casual than brogues.

I wish that denim jeans would disappear off the face of the earth except when worn for the purpose for which they were invented - what the Americans call "yard work". Too hot in summer, not nearly warm enough in winter, highly absorbent of water - surely an invention of the devil! Sports jacket, open-necked shirt and jeans - a look one sees all too often - ugh! Jeremy Clarkson's look is emphatically NOT one to be copied. Jackson Pollack rocked the denim as did many an artist back in the day.

Yes definitely brogues with raw denim but good brogues and jeans i. I favour the Loake Royal in oxblood with Edwins and a bold sock. I favour Levi XX selvedge jeans with British made brougues, loafers or monk shoes with a tailored jacket. I also think the american look with jeans and Redwing style or Engineers boots suit the older gentleman with checked shirt and leather jacket for the casual look.

Shirts out on occassion as long as the tail is tailored for such an outing. Personally, being a man of the 'over 50 persuasion' I've absolutely no intention of being pushed in any particular direction as far as wearing jeans is concerned or fashion in general.

I still dress the same as I've always done, I don't believe you should change the way you look just to suit what everyone else thinks. The real question should be, should people in the public eye like politicians and celebrities get away with dressing like Jezza I really hope he makes an effort to update his look for the new series about to come out on Amazon!

Monday, 19 December Denim jeans and the middle-aged and older man.

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