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Find great deals on eBay for western pearl snap shirts. Shop with confidence.

And for some reason, I find they work best when you keep the pearl prong or ring prong side on the bottom. You can experiment with fabric types; if you are using a heavy weight fabric such as cotton duck, you may need only two layers of fabric. There are also hammer-on kits available, but these must be used very carefully, as it is easy to crack the pearl side. When you shop on our site, you'll find a wide range of styles from fancy, formal shirts to completely casual, laid-back looks.

Find great deals on eBay for western shirt pearl snaps. Shop with confidence.
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A Guide to Western Winter Wear Picture this: You get dressed up to go two-stepping in your best Tin Haul jeans and Stetson boots. You iron and press a pearl snap shirt.
Ladies Long sleeve Western Shirt * 1 Point Curved Back Yoke * white Poplin Inside Trim * Cover Stitch Detail * Embroidered Logo On Front * white pearl snaps AND Blue pearl snaps Both Used * 3 snap Cuff * Waist Darts * Garment Washed *.
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Ladies Long sleeve Western Shirt * 1 Point Curved Back Yoke * white Poplin Inside Trim * Cover Stitch Detail * Embroidered Logo On Front * white pearl snaps AND Blue pearl snaps Both Used * 3 snap Cuff * Waist Darts * Garment Washed *.

I also sell the Dritz snap pliers. Before you set the snaps: Fabric Preparation As a rule of thumb, use 2 layers of fabric with one layer of woven interfacing sandwiched between. This will provide the structural strength needed to resist the pressure of putting together and pulling apart your snap. You can experiment with fabric types; if you are using a heavy weight fabric such as cotton duck, you may need only two layers of fabric.

To test, set the snaps on a scrap piece of fabric, and snap the snaps on and pull them off about 20 times. If the snap starts to pull away from the fabric, your fabric is not strong enough, and you should apply interfacing. If you are using a medium to heavy weight vinyl, one layer is usually sufficient. Marking Before setting your snap, mark where you want it to go on your project with a washable fabric marker or chalk. All Cowgirl Snap orders come with a few extra sets so you can try a few out first if you need to.

A word to the wise: Expect to make a few mistakes at first. How to set the Snaps: Setting up the Snap Pliers. Be sure that the snaps are completely inside of the rubber rings on the pliers. Also, try getting the pliers as close together as you can, without piercing your fabric, before you give the final snap setting squeeze. Both sides of the snap should be firmly attached to the fabric.

If you can fit a finger nail between the bottom of any of the four parts of the snap and the fabric, you need to squeeze it a little more.

Fit the snap pieces back into the pliers, and give them another gentle squeeze. Even to the best of us. It can be frustrating! But I have found a few tricks during my snapping years:. I put the snap in the wrong place. How do I get the snap off of the fabric? The Pearl part cracked! This is probably because too much pressure was applied during snap setting. Try using less pressure next time.

A firm but gentle squeeze is the best. Again, this could be the result of too much pressure during snap setting. This could also be the result of insufficiently strong interfacing. Try using another layer of fabric or a heavier weight interfacing. This is probably the result of not enough pressure during snap setting.

Fit the snaps back into the snap pliers and give it another gentle squeeze. Sewing News, Coupons and Events Bi-weekly: Includes blog highlights, contest information, giveaways, coupons, and more. Contributor Community Newsletter Monthly: Includes call for submissions, invitations to participate in challenges, and updates about ways we can work together. Includes new and updated sponsorship opportunities. They can be used almost any place you might otherwise use a button.

Eristotle, for example, uses them on her Tiny Pocket wallets. Faitavec uses them on her fabulous spats. They also look great when used non-functionally, as a purely decorative accent. The pearl prong and ring prong pieces have prongs on the end that pierce fabric when pressure is applied. The prongs then fold into a ring indentation on the back of the socket or stud.

The pearl prong goes with the socket, the ring prong with the stud. To use them, you need a snap setting tool. In the pillow how-to below, we fold the edges of the pillow over a light weight interfacing. Setting up the Snap Pliers The Dritz Snap Pliers come with three essential parts- the pliers themselves, and two rubber rings. The rubber rings hold your snaps in place before you put them onto the fabric. When you get your pliers, make sure that the yellow plastic side with the round hole in the middle is on the outside.

The metal stud side is not used when setting Cowgirl Snaps. A Style for Every Occasion Our collection of cowboy shirts for men offers plenty of options for expressing your personal style as a true country boy. When it comes to casual clothes, our short-sleeve T-shirts feature stylish designs that will fit right in for a low-key day with your pals or a little light work around the house.

When you need a work shirt that will stand up to the tasks ahead, choose from our durable button-down options available in short-sleeve and long-sleeve styles. You'll also find plenty of cowboy dress shirts for fancier events. We offer so many unique styles that pay homage to authentic Western design. For example, you can find men's Western dress shirts with elegant embroidery, colorful piping or a classic Western yoke. Some also have Western snap closures, saddle stitching, smile pockets or other unique embellishments.

If you really want to make a style statement, choose one of our print shirts with a floral or paisley design. Shop now to find country boy clothing you'll love at Langston's. I bought six pairs of jeans. I tried the , , , and styles of Levi's. The was far away the best fit and look!!! It's the perfect fit and Langston's has a great price.

The was a little more baggy but also looked second best Site Design by EYStudios. Back to prev cat js Men's Cowboy Boots. Back to prev cat js Cowgirl Boots.

Pearl snap shirts are THE distinguishing feature of a Western shirt compared to standard ole shirts. Pearl snaps are designed to be beautiful, unique in color, and lustrous - just like the genuine, smooth mother-of-pearl lining in an oyster. Round up several mens western shirts for your wardrobe. Shop our selection of men's western shirts & mens denim shirts. FREE shipping. Retro Denim Shirt Men's Casual Western Plaid Long Sleeve Pearl Snap Shirt Checkered Shirt $ 12 LW. Men's Western Cowboy Pearl Snap Long Sleeve Rodeo Dress Shirt. from $ 19 99 Prime. Gioberti. Boys Casual Western Plaid Pearl Snap Short Sleeve Shirt. from $ .